Boost your Budget with a part-time job

FINDING a part-time job at university can provide you with both extra cash and beneficial work experience.


It’s estimated that around eight out of 10 students work part-time to help fund their studies, whether it’s during term time, in the holidays or both. It can be a great way to top up your student loan so you have more money to live on and for having fun.


Working to earn your own cash can teach you about money management and budgeting – the theory being that you will find it more difficult to part with your hard-earned money so will be less likely to waste it.


A part-time job is another way to make friends while living away from home, so it can open up other social opportunities too. It can also provide you with vital work experience and it may be that you can find a job connected with your chosen career field.


But even if you don’t, whatever role you pick will undoubtedly teach you transferable skills such as communication and using your own initiative.


Also you’ll likely have to work as part of a team, equipping you with the skills needed to work with lots of different personalities.


Thanks to your job you may also be exposed to working in a commercial environment – something employers may well be looking for, so it can help your CV stand out.


Balancing your studies and a part-time job can be challenging but many students find a way to do it.


Organisation is key so you can keep track of your shifts and commitments at university as well as important social events.


Firms employing students are often flexible about hours because they know you are balancing your time. Be honest about what you can work and don’t put yourself under too much pressure by accepting shifts that could potentially clash with important lectures or seminars.


Remember there are only 24 hours in a day, and seven days in a week, so don’t over-schedule yourself. Make sure you have time to relax and spend time with friends as well.


Once you’ve decided a part-time job will fit in with your studies, visit the university jobshop.


Most Students’ Unions will have one of these, offering a whole host of employment both on and off campus. Many will let you register online to receive updates on any new vacancies, from bar and cafe work, to shop assistants and tutoring.


The run-up to Christmas can be a good time to find work as companies, especially those in the retail sector, will be taking on extra staff at this busy time of year.


Holidays are alsoagreat time to make a bit of extra cash – but don’t forget to leave yourself time to recharge your batteries too.