Your Chance to make the right impression

IT’S absolutely normal to be feeling both excited and nervous before attending your first job interview.


It’s may seem easier said than done but it’s important that you don’t let those feelings disrupt your chance to shine.


Your mind is probably working over time dreaming up all kinds of best and worst case scenarios of how it might go.


To help it’s worth remembering that a little preparation can go along way and will help you feel more at ease when the big day finally arrives.


You’ve probably heard your parents talk about the importance of making a good first impression.


And one of the best ways to help yourself feel more confident and in control is to be prepared. Research everything you can about the company and what the role you have applied for entails.


This may be something you’ve done already before submitting your application but it’s worth spending more time on this as you will be able to show at the interview that you fully understand what will be expected of you.


Your arrival is your first chance to demonstrate your confidence and professionalism so make sure you allow plenty of time to get to the venue.


If you are unsure how long it will take you to get there then do a trial run and allow extra time on top of that for the real thing in case of any traffic hold-ups or cancelled trains on the day.


Always dress smartly – remember you will be seen before you are heard so make sure the way you are dressed is businesslike even if the employee dress code is casual.


Take a moment to relax before entering the premises or interview room.


Even if your stomach is full of butterflies, make sure you greet the interviewer confidently with a broad smile, strong handshake and an upright posture.


When answering questions be confident in your skills and abilities when you are talking and make eye contact.

If you do find yourself getting flustered, take a moment to gather your thoughts before continuing, they will expect you to be nervous.


But whatever you do don’t answer any question with “I don’t know”, instead ask the interviewer to repeat the question or phrase it differently if you didn’t understand.


Remember it is in both of your interests that you answer honestly and don’t exaggerate your skills and experience as this could come back to haunt you later.


Beforehand prepareafew questions that you can ask about the role and the firm you are hoping to work for as this demonstrates your interest in the position.


Finally, try to end the interview on a positive note – this could be quickly summing up why you would be a valuable addition to the team. And don’t forget it’s only one interview, there will always be other opportunities if you miss out.