The Mercian Trust

Schools united as a trust with a shared common purpose to increase opportunities and shape students’ futures far beyond examination results

The Mercian Trust

Sixth-form students at schools in the Mercian trust achieve amazing things.

With average grades of b for A-levels and distinction for vocational qualifications, no matter what courses you choose, you are guaranteed the best possible opportunities to succeed.

National data proves that by attending a school sixth form students are four times more likely to go on to study at degree-level. Students who leave us gain places at the top universities, including many going to Oxbridge, and Russell group universities, and to top-performing international higher education institutions.

Each year we also are proud of a large number of students who are chosen for highly competitive degree-level apprenticeships at global organisations.

We have a long history of running incredibly successful schools queen marys grammar school in Walsall was founded over 450 years ago but we are schools united as a trust with a shared common purpose to increase opportunities and shape student’s futures far beyond examination results no stranger to innovation the ladder school, our school that explores a different approach to mainstream education, only opened in 2019.

Our schools are all different, but are united as a trust with a shared common purpose to increase opportunities and improve outcomes to shape our student’s futures far beyond the examination results they achieve in year 13.

We are proud to be the first-choice school sixth form provider in our local area of Sandwell and Walsall around one in four local students who have followed an academic pathway (studying at least one a-level after GCSEs) are studying with us.

Although we have hundreds of students studying with us, they are spread across our eight school sixth forms meaning that we have rich, vibrant communities of like-minded learners. Students tell us that they truly value the sense of community of being part of a school sixth form rather than being just one face in a mass of students at a giant campus. Our curriculum offer is incredible.

We offer over 50 unique courses, including all 25 of the most popular A-levels that exist. Whatever your passion, you are sure to find a suite of courses with us that will suit you perfectly. We are proud to offer a broad range of subjects across a broad range of levels. Our entry requirements are designed to give a fair and honest appraisal of each course and to ensure the right students study the courses that are best suited to them.

We won’t hook you in with false promises and open-ended offers but we will work with you to ensure that you feel supported and welcomed and are given the best possible chance to succeed on your chosen path. We are determined to ensure that all our courses whether traditional, academic A-levels, or real-world focussed vocational courses are taught to the highest standard. And this is where our quality-first teaching comes in.

Our teachers are not only experts, trained to the highest standard, but they are also collaborators. By ensuring that all our curriculum experts across our schools are in regular contact with each other, learning and developing together, we can be certain that our students are getting the absolute best experience they can to support them to succeed.

Our mantra is life to the full, in pursuit of what is good, right, and true. By joining a Mercian trust sixth form you are doing more than signing up for a set of courses, you are joining a community. A community which will develop, challenge and nurture you towards a successful, fulfilling future.

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