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Aspiring to “be more” defines every sixth form student at St Edmund’s Catholic Academy.

St Edmunds Catholic


Aspiring to “be more” defines every sixth form student at St Edmund’s Catholic Academy

Maintaining an excellent reputation for high quality post-16 provision within Wolverhampton, our curriculum encompasses traditional facilitating subjects to prepare for Oxbridge and other Russell Group universities as well as contemporary vocational subjects leading to exciting careers such as Architecture, Engineering, Business and Health and Social Care.

At St Edmund’s we strive to empower our students, building confidence and developing leadership skills in all aspects of sixth form life.

We instil into our students the importance of aiming high, building character and resilience to become inspiring members of our community; to develop themselves as local, national and global citizens.

Teaching in sixth form is innovative and challenging and productive, independent study lies at the heart of our success. A team of highly qualified and experienced staff, committed to our inclusive, unique and special sixth form community, offers excellent tuition within a curriculum which is extensive, courses which are demanding and a learning atmosphere which is exciting.

Indeed, we are delighted to be opening a state-of-the-art, university-style sixth form centre in July, designed by our students to maximise their independent learning and readiness for life beyond St Edmunds. Our sixth formers go on to lead exciting lives, full of variety and worth.

This year Navin Sonsana will be starting a degree apprenticeship with Jaguar Land Rover and Abitha Antany-Keybird will be studying medicine at the University of Leicester.

We are so proud of each and every student who joins us at St Edmund’s, of who they are now and of who they will become.

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