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Head Girl, Fran, and Deputy Head Boy, Nirvan, explain what SGS Sixth Form has been like for them…

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Head Girl, Fran, and Deputy Head Boy, Nirvan, explain what SGS Sixth Form has been like for them…

We all know that starting Sixth Form is a massive change from Year 11, but the teachers at SGS are incredible at dealing with those inevitable nerves because they’re always there to talk and to help foster friendships between everybody.

In fact, when you start Sixth Form, one of the first things you do is a trip to Go Ape: an activity that promotes teamwork and inclusivity. It’s humbling to be standing there in a harness in front of 40 people you’ve just met, and then to be hurtling down a zipline towards Mr Anderson, the Head of Sixth Form, at 60 miles per hour! This kicks off the year with a bang, right up until you see yourself screaming in the pictures on the SGS Facebook page.

At SGS you’ll quickly notice the open and understanding dynamic between students and teachers. The first week is always nerve-racking, but before you know it you’ll feel like part of the community, eating cake with your friends on a classmate’s birthday.

The academic excellence within SGS is supported by the various extracurricular opportunities. Fantastic activities include the school musical, which has previously been ‘Chicago’, ‘9 to 5’ and ‘The Addams Family’, to name just a few. The opportunity to perform on stage in these incredibly professional productions builds confidence and happiness.

If your interests lie outside of performing, there’s always something to get involved with. Mr Anderson is in our emails day in, day out, sharing work experience and career opportunities. We sometimes worry about how much time he spends on his computer!

Through being at SGS, you soon come to understand how the Sixth Form’s atmosphere is unique, and built for making memories. The iconic Sixth Form Christmas pantomime brings everybody out of their shell. We never imagined we’d be standing on stage, wearing pink tutus in front of the whole school, but we did it, and loved every second!

As well as chasing our own personal goals, there’s always a drive to do well as a community. On our first day we were made aware of how much our opinion is valued as a member of the Sixth Form. For example, we choose what sports to do in PE. When it’s time to assign prefect roles and responsibilities, pupils cast their votes along with the teachers, so our voices are heard for the big decisions as well as the little ones.

Independence and responsibility are developed if you’re rewarded with a prefect position. No matter what position you’re chosen for, your job will essentially be to help others. For some this means overseeing assemblies in the prep school, and having the immense privilege of hearing the younger ones sing every other week. For another it would be working with other Sixth Formers to make sure our common room is running smoothly, because things get a little complicated if the dishwasher isn’t cleared properly!

Overall, we’d say that SGS’s Sixth Form is an absolute hoot. Everyone’s experience will inevitably be different, and SGS provides the opportunity to make your time here truly unique, whether that’s by packing your lunch times with music rehearsals, or grabbing a Maccies with your mates, SGS leaves you with memories and friends that stay with you for the rest of your life.

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Fran & Nirvan

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